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Announcements: February 18, 2017
Today’s Offering: Let us practice the principle of spending less money than we receive, so that we can be generous rather than dependent.
1. Please Remember In Prayer: Rick Janzen, Vickie Saelend, Mike Kraemer, Sandra Schuh, Isaac Reed, Yvonne McTaggart, Vincent Peterson, Tanassa Olson, Tom Crowell Jr. and our shut-in’s: Nancy Carter, Nettie Momb, Florence Mercer, and Barbara Bohner, our church school teachers, plus all our Bible study contacts.
2. Upcoming Meeting and Events for February:
20 – School Board Meeting, 6:30 pm
20 – Church Board Meeting, 7:45 pm
21, 28 – The Great Controversy Study, 4:30 pm at the Rudolph’s
4 – Chili Feed & Cornbread, 5 pm
4 – Youth Tubing: $5.00, 7-9 pm
5 – Ladies Sunday, 10 am – 2 pm
6 – Elder’s Meeting, 7 pm
18 – Nursing Home Sing – 2 pm
3. Sandra Olson (who is still a member here) will be celebrating her 70th birthday today. For those who remember her, it would be nice to send her a birthday card even if it is belated. She would be delighted that so many would remember her. She is living with her sister at: 3561 Sherman Ave #22, North Bend, OR 97450
4. There are two Bible Reading Plans in the foyer of the church. One is chronological and the other is from Genesis to Revelation (plus Old & New Testament every day). Please pick up a copy of the plan that suits you and begin a journey through the Bible that will enrich your life forever.
5. Church Directory & Updates: There are 21 church families that have not picked up their new church directories or updated packages. They were completed in October of last year. Please come see me (Diana Malvick) and pick up your directories. Thank you.
6. Labels for Church: There has been a change in collecting labels for investment. Only Worthington & Loma Linda labels will be accepted. Only can labels will be accepted. NO frozen food labels. Morning Star or Natural Touch are not accepted. The good news is the can labels are worth 25 cents each. And a new UPC that begins with 45561 is being printed on them. Thank you for your help in making this a great success.
7. Thank you: To each one who had a part in the making of my beautiful quilt please accept my grateful thanks. You have blessed me with an amazing gift, and shown me such love in your hours of time, energy, patience, and talent. I am overwhelmed at the thought that this beautiful gift was made for me. You are an amazing church family. God bless you! Sandy
8. Ladies, it’s not too late to register for the One-day Women’s Retreat, featuring Brenda Walsh, on Sabbath, March 4,2017, beginning at 10:00 a.m., at the Kahler Apache Hotel in Rochester, Minnesota. Registration fee is $40 (vegetarian/vegan lunch included) if registered by 2/12/17, $45 if registered by 2/26/17, or $50 if registered at the door. Please note that Miss Brenda will also be sharing her stories at vespers at 5:00 p.m. at the Rochester SDA Church, with snacks and a book signing to follow after Sabbath. You can register by mail or at”. If you have questions, or need additional information, please contact Marilyn Sabata at “” or (507) 358-0062.

Mark your calendars for Sunday, March 5, 2017, beginning at 11:00 a.m. for Kids for the Kingdom, narrated by Brenda Walsh, and featuring the musical talents of children from across the State of Minnesota. This exciting event will take place at the Rochester SDA Church, 1100 37th Street NW, Rochester, MN 55901. You won’t want to miss it. Lunch and a book signing to follow. If you have any questions, please contact Marilyn Sabata at “” Or (507) 358-0062.
Sabbath Rest – continues until 5:53 pm tonight. Next Sabbath’s welcome is at 6:02 pm.
Church Bulletin Information: Call/text or email Connie Thompson, 218-850-4888 or, or
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